Wednesday, December 26, 2012


"Rev.Dreams" 2 be even healthier by end of 2013!!...

My Goals:
*Exercising as much as I can to become healthier! & maintain good health!...
*UPDATE 12/27/12:
I've decided to change my goal to lose more--this will be my LONG term goal to be reached by  12/31/13...I've lost 98 lbs. in the last 17 mths. & know that I can stand lose another 102 lbs.(using the low end of the weight loss recommendation on the BMI chart) by this time next year!! I've got my New Year's resolution mapped out for 2013!!...all set & ready to go!!!!...

5/16/09-12/26/12--lost 98 lbs.(majority since 8/17/11)
=left to lose 58 lbs. by 7/16/13
*add 29 lbs. to that to get to 140 lbs. by 8/13
**changed long term goal to 125lbs. by 12/31/13--need to lose a total of 102 lbs. & if I still don't like how I look I need to lose more!!... 

My Program:
*Continue to keep my doctor's appointments & do as they tell me to become healthier.
*Continue to drink 8 glasses of water daily. Still keeping drinking soda at a minimum(which is rarely).
*Continue to eat plenty of fresh fruit & vegetables
*Continue to eat chicken & fish & very little red meats
*Eat in moderation. Not taking "bad foods" out of my healthy lifestyle entirely. Continue using self control. What I am doing is working!! I am losing on average of 2 lbs./wk....

I've (so far) made it from this(11/17/2010)
-me @ 325 lbs. which was from gaining that 121lbs. 
(that I'd lost) back plus packing on another 16 lbs. on top of it!!:

to this(10/27/2012)
**Please note:
An updated pic of me at 227 lbs. (12/2712) is coming up!!**:

...This was me at 188 lbs.(10/27/2007)
after having lost 121 lbs. in 4 short months:

....& I know that I can get to 125 lbs. by this time next year...
Imagine what I will look like then!!...
(file picture updated when that time comes...continue to follow my journey!!)

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