Thursday, August 30, 2012

My journey to a healthier me (for ME) continues...


2007-My "Rocker chick" do(It would be nice to find someone around here that knows how to do the modernized "Farrah" do!) I weighed 309 lbs. I lost 121 lbs. within 4 mths. time(pictures shown are of me at 188 lbs. I was 19 lbs. from my goal...)

2009-I weighed 325 lbs.(picture shown is me at 325 lbs. 11/17/2010) I've lost 81 lbs. so far since this photo...

2011:First(before) photo is of me March 2011 & 2nd (after)photos are of me September 2011. I donated 16 inches of my hair to "Locks of Love" while another 8 inches was cut off(shorter than I had asked for but it grew back)... :)

2012-I weigh 244 lbs.(pictures shown-taken 7/28/12-at current weight) with 75 lbs. left to lose!...My goal weight is 169 lbs.

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