Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My life has taken a NEW turn it seems

My weight loss journey is going even better than I could have hoped for! As you can tell from my ticker I've lost 124 lbs. since May 16th, 2009 with majority being since August 17th,2011. With another 21 lbs. to go!!...my goal date is July 8th,2013!!...

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**Please follow me as I continue my weight loss journey: from May 16, 2009 to the present I've already lost 124 lbs. with another 21 lbs. to go before I reach my ideal weight of 180 lbs! : ) I'm no longer struggling like I once was. I'm happy to see all the changes it is making in my life.**


Thank you for following my blog! :)

 UPDATE!! 4/25/13:
I have lost 8 lbs. more since my last update making me now just 21 lbs.! from my goal weight of 180 lbs.!! by my goal date of 7/8/13!! I've gotta really buckle down now & make some more time for toning up on my manual treadmill!!...

As a result adjustments reflected below:
Hi everybody! My name is Kelly & I have been a member of MFP since April 1st, 2010..In the time that I've been here I've lost 124 lbs.with the majority lost since August 17th,2011.I have just 21 lbs. to go to meet my goal weight of 180 lbs. by my goal date of 7/8/13!!In March 2012 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes(-found out I'd had it for 5 yrs.-),under active thyroid,& high cholesterol.In February 2013 I was told that my diabetes is going away. My thyroid is doing better & my cholesterol is going down. I go back to the doctor in May 2013 for a follow up. If my blood work comes back with the results that my doctor hopes for he says that he will be able to take me off my medications.My doctor is very impressed with my progress & says that he is going to mark me down as a success story.I AM seeing results & you can too!!... We all hit plateaus but we make our way through it. Please don't give up!...

The 1st time around in 2007 I lost 109 lbs. within like 4 months time. Refer to pic of me (with my "rocker chick" look)at my thinnest. I was like 19 lbs. from my weight loss goal when I came to the Adirondacks to better my life on 1/4/2008. Unfortunately I had been under a lot of stress up to that point & was severely malnourished. Had I not removed myself from the situation I was in at that time I probably would not have survived because I was sicker than myself or anyone knew.

But I am getting healthier every day!I have cut my portions by more than half.Eating lots of fresh fruits & vegetables.I eat chicken & fish.I barely even eat any red meats these days.I rarely have soda & I have only about 2-3 cups of coffee a day. I don't crave/overindulge in sweets like some & for that I am thankful.

For those of you that know me I keep VERY! busy.I am all over the internet & I wear many hats. I have a lot of people that depend on me & I need to be healthy to be able to do all that I do...

I provide non-profit promotional assistance by helping musicians (& some others) to promote their links & through recommendations as well as airplay on our radio & TV stations.We also have a musical movement geared toward child abuse awareness which is incorporated into our promotions company & as part of our ministry. I am an (ordained) reverend.I am a singer.

I wanted to be able to do even more for the artists,etc. out there so I recently rejoined the talent agency that I worked for as a Manager/Agent some years ago.This time around I have more responsibilities & with a different title of Event Promoter/Manager.

I am a Peer Respite Advocate for a local non-profit agency. We are an alternative to the traditional mental health system.

I also share missing/ exploited posters & amber alerts via the internet.

As if that were not enough I have several other projects going on like online studies to better my advocate/research specialist work-assisting authorities in solving cold cases,etc...

If you would like to know more about me-please feel free to add me here.I like making new friends & being able to stay in contact with the ones I've already made as well.:


~Follow my journey to a healthier "ME" :) ~

**Profile updated 4/25/13**

Why I Want To Get In Shape:
I want to make a world of difference for others in all areas of my life(promoting,music,ministry,advocacy/act
ivism,etc.) &
I want to be healthy enough to do it

My Inspirations:
To be healthier & stronger-(I was born w/ club feet/knock knees/hip dysplasia)-.
To be able to fit into those great pants I saw at the department store
To inspire others
To be a happier & healthier me-for ME! :)

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